5 Reasons why you need professional Garage Door Repair

If you can’t fix the garage door yourself, call a professional! Here are 5 reasons why

You can certainly do some work yourself whether you are building a house or renovating a home. Most people agree – stick to what you know best. But there are some others, more technical jobs that are best left to experienced technicians.

When it comes to good reason to hire a professional for garage door repairs, we’d like to share 5 good reasons.

  1. First and foremost, safety…

When we analyze wood garage doors, the weight can be very heavy depending on the year they were manufactured and the type of wood used. Additional weight can be exerted on the door if it is double, such as a 16′ (4.9 m) wide one, and if you neglect to perform regular maintenance on your door.

Your garage door is probably one of the largest moving components in your home. Sadly, each year hundreds of people are severely injured due to making repairs to their garage doors on their own. Failed lifting cables caused doors to fall down, or a broken spring did as well. If you want an idea of how much a door weighs, a single door can weight 130 to 175 lb. (60 to 80 kilos) if it is 1 34″ thick (45 mm) and 9′ (2.7 m) wide.

The weight of a double garage door would be approximately double that of a single garage door, with an average weight of 60 to 350 lb.  Inspecting the state of the garage door system and assessing the dangers it presents, a garage door specialist can recognize the potential hazards and assess the extent of the problem.

2. Knowing what you’re doing is important!

Would it surprise you to learn that the entire garage door system is composed of several parts? You can easily open and close your garage door with just one hand thanks to the integrated counterweight system. You may not think this is the case, so put back your tools and pick up the phone and call a local business that will make sure the job is done right!

Installing and repairing garage doors in the most difficult circumstances and locations are learned in the field and by learning how to use the tricks of the trade required to do so. In addition to ensuring the weather-tightness and removing dangerous friction between various door system components, this allows a technician to balance the door correctly as well as ensuring its balance and ensuring its weather-tightness.

3. Put your mind at ease

Repairing your garage door system yourself carries the risk of inadvertently making it worse since the repair is usually either done incorrectly or incompletely, which then causes the problem to recur at a later date or worsen. A garage door opener that uses electric power is an example of this.

You should be able to get a written warranty from professionals for work they have done and parts they have changed, usually for a period of 12 months, when you have the name, number and reputation of a reliable garage door repair service. An expert never thinks twice about committing formally to deliver the results that meet your needs. Each task is done well only by an expert.

4. You can save money and time by implementing this!

The garage door expert who has a successful company in your area has a clear understanding of what he is doing when you speak with him. A technician who is skilled in fixing garage doors will save you the time it takes to learn this new skill. You should also recognize that you will be working with experts who have been doing this for so long that they know how to resolve any issues that arise much faster than you.

In contrast, if you try repairing your own door or garage door opener and think you’re saving money, the worst case scenario is that it may be more costly for you… when the manufacturer’s warranty is void due to you damaging a major component of the door mechanism, even after you try to repair it yourself..

They can fix your garage door quickly, and their insurance covers damage to your home and personal injury.

5. Responsibilities in the event of accidents

Also, if the repairs are done incorrectly you could be liable for them. Then you will be personally liable for any unforeseen events that may arise when repairing your garage door yourself. So why take the risk of being blamed for such a situation? Rely on qualified technicians to solve your garage door system problems, because they know what they are doing like nobody else.

What’s the point of waiting?

330-240-6369 is the toll-free number you can call for any garage door system repairs, no matter how big or small. With our vast knowledge of garage door openers and doors, we will be able to tell you what is best for you, no matter what your budget is and in accordance to your exact requirements. We can even email you a quote for your consideration.

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