Difference Between Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

You’ve lived in your Youngstown/Boardman home a long time and most likely have never given much thought to the parts of your garage door, however you’ve probably become more aware of the springs on your garage door because you’ve needed garage door repair in Youngstown at some point.

Your Garage Door is Equipped with either one of these garage door spring systems. Keep reading to find out which one.

Garage doors come with either extension springs or torsion springs and your garage door has one of these types. According to the International Door Association ( , these springs are what lift your door up and down safely. There is a counterbalance system that utilizes force to offset the weight of the door, enabling it to safely and dependably raise and lower. To manage the counterweight, the system uses either a torsion or extension spring.

If both springs carry out the same function, what’s the main difference?


Todays garage door systems are equipped with one of two popular spring types. Your garage door at home will either come with a side extension spring or a top mount torsion spring. Either will work just fine but they both come with pros and cons.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most typical and more modern garage door spring alternative. They are mounted center above the garage door in the header area and when they are run, the cables on the end of the shaft run on to a drum which turns the shaft and lifts the door.

Sturdier and longer enduring: While torsion springs are more pricey than extension springs, they are more last and long lasting 15,000 to 20,000 cycles.

Less wear: When operating your garage door, a torsion spring system will produce an easier experience in terms of lift and side to side motion. Your garage door opener does not need to work as hard to open and close the door when the torsion springs are correctly wound with the right amount of torque.

Safer: Extension springs can break free and fly creating a very dangerous sitution if you happen to be standing nearby when the break occurrs. Torsion springs will only create a loud noise but stay inside its shaft.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are older technology, but they are still a typical alternative for many garage doors due to the fact that they are more economical than torsion springs and are a perfect service for little garages. Because extension springs are installed on the side of the door they are much easier to replace and work through extending rather than turning.

Extension springs are not as popular as torsion springs for various reasons, mainly because they wear out quicker and they don’t perform quite as well. This can lead to a bit more wear and tear on the door. In spite of these drawbacks, extension springs are typically safe when the security cables are installed, and they are correctly kept.


The experts at BRAND GARAGE DOORS are always ready to keep your garage door system in tip top shape or perform safe, reliable and quick replacements. If you’re unsure of what kind of spring system your garage uses, do not hesitate to consult the knowledge of our qualified specialists– we are happy to respond to any concerns you might have and make recommendations about which choice works best for your daily needs and budget plan.

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