My garage door is jammed. What’s causing it to happen?

A jammed garage door can be caused by a number of factors. Here are the five items to examine to determine whether your garage door is jammed and their possible cures.

  1. The garage door track is lodged.

There could be an obstruction in the track that is causing your garage door to jam up. Look around to see if any objects have fallen and made their way into the track, causing it to become stuck. Quickly remove the object.

  1. The garage door is locked

In some cases, the only thing that can be causing your problem is the fact that the garage door is locked. You can lock a garage door from the outside with the “full lock” system, which allows whoever is outside to access the door by simply turning the handle. The individuals in your driveway who were not paying attention to the garage door handle could have mistakenly closed it, resulting in your garage door being locked. You can easily fix this problem by realizing it and then unlocking your garage door.

  1. The Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Two types of springs are available. Yours may be broken. A torsion spring is one whose end is located horizontally at the top of the garage door. The gap between the springs on your garage door indicates that it is broken. If they are located simultaneously on both sides of your garage door, then they are called extension springs. Look on the side of your garage door to see if a piece of one of them hangs out to show that it is damaged. You should hire a professional to repair or replace broken garage door springs since replacing them on your own is a dangerous process if you have not replaced them before.

  1. Garage door is not on track

Rollers in each corner allow the garage door to move along the track when being elevated and lowered. If rollers come out of track then the door won’t move. It is very easy to spot this problem. Just look for a roller outside the track if you look around the garage door’s tracks. If the rollers look okay, as shown here, the problem is not here.

  1. A broken cable.

Replacing a garage door cable is a common garage door repair. The garage door is opened by the spring turning a pulley, which pulls cable connected to the garage door.

For further assistance in diagnosing why your garage door may be jammed, contact Brand Garage Doors today!


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