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Installing and repairing garage door openers of all brands and models is our specialty! Most of the time, we install Genie products. Genie is our preferred brand, and we can install or repair pretty much any Genie opener on the market. In the Youngstown Area, Brand Garage provides garage door opener installations and repairs.

Here are some of the top garage door openers you can purchase now, including styles and convenient features.

Find out what type of garage door opener is best for you...


There are 3 Main Types of Openers:

Chain Drive Openers: Chain drive openers are usually the most widely used and dependable type of openers. A metal chain is used to drive the garage door on its tracks. There is a slight cost difference between chain drives and belt drives. As chain drive openers tend to be noisy, they are not recommended for garages located adjacent to or under the main living areas of the house. These kinds of openers aren't normally recommended, since the small savings aren't worth it. In contrast to belt-driven systems, Genie® does not guarantee the chain for life, and the motor is significantly louder.

Belt-driven openers: Belt drives are considered the best type of opener in the garage door industry. The good thing about belt drives is that they're as reliable as chain drives and incredibly silent. Belt-driven openers usually cost a few dollars more than screw-driven openers, as they use a steel-reinforced belt. Those living in garages that are attached to their homes will never be bothered by noise from their garage doors.

Screw Driven Openers: Unlike chains or rubber belts, a screw drive opener is powered by a threaded steel rod instead of a chain. The openers usually work best in locations where there is a constant temperature and weather throughout the year. A screw drive opener isn't recommended in areas where temperatures fluctuate across the year. The only downside of this opener is that it moves slowly and is loud. It is also the least expensive of all three openers.


Recommended Garage Door Openers For New Installation

Listed are the most common residential garage door openers according to customer demand. All openers can be purchased with either a chain drive or belt drive.


ReliaG® Pro Series - Model 1028

(for doors up to 7' high)

With its value and reliability, the Model 1028 garage door opener is the right choice for customers seeking a long-lasting, quiet opener. A very reliable entry level garage door opener.  Quiet operation is made possible by the DC motor. You can choose either steel-reinforced belts or chains as the best drive for your situation. Is designed with a sturdy C-channel rail, which serves to hide the rotating belt or chain as well as improve aesthetics. Rather than directing light toward your garage door, light is directed into the interior of the building. When using an incandescent bulb, we recommend the Genie LED bulb.


Connected Pro Series - Model 2128 (WiFi enabled)

(for doors up to 8' high)

This smart connected garage door opener model 2128 provides power, value, and reliability. Aladdin Connect® is a smart device system that is integrated, so extra devices are not required. In addition to providing more power and reliability, the 2128 also offers the functionality of being able to monitor and operate it remotely through a smartphone or other similar device.


Connected Pro Series - Model 3120 (WiFi enabled)

(for doors up to 10' high)

Through Aladdin Connect, the Model 3120H includes integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Aladdin Connect also lets you monitor and control your garage door almost anywhere, making it possible to monitor and control the opener from almost anywhere. Equipped with a powerful 24V DC motor that lift's residential doors up to 500 lbs. Geniesense motor boasts a soft start and stop technology that allows for longer motor life.