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You Should Know These Three Things Before Purchasing a garage door


  1. What Kind Of Garage Door Is Best?

The answer to this question is simple - the garage door that perfectly meets your needs is really the best. Choosing a garage door from a reputable garage door company and having it installed professionally is essential.

We provide high-quality residential garage doors by Safeway*, Amarr®, and Wayne Dalton®. Besides their high quality, durability, and warranties, these garage doors are also professionally installed by our experts.

Steel Garage Doors

Because of its durability, steel garage doors are the most popular material today. Steel will remain beautiful for a long time and requires little maintenance. In addition, it is among the most affordable garage doors available. Steel Carriage Style Doors like the one shown in the picture, can add even more curb appeal to your home.

Wood Carriage House Doors

Wood carriage house doors will dramatically enhance the beauty of your home. Adding these doors to your home will substantially enhance its curb appeal, as proven by real estate studies. However, that is not the biggest reason to keep them around... However, it's really about how great your home's exterior will look when it's complete... And if the neighbors are jealous, well, nothing we could do about that.

Custom Garage Doors

Additionally, you might want to think about doors that are different and offer options that are tailored to your home's design. A hand-forged hardware and architectural glass option can be incorporated to reflect old world doors. You can choose from traditional woods such as mahogany, cedar and hemlock, or a more contemporary look with materials such as copper, aluminum and iron. Garage doors from Brand Garage can be matched to your home's unique style by working with homeowners, architects and designers.

We offer Garage Doors in a wide range of panel styles and designs at Brand Garage Doors. You can call us now for an accurate quote on any style of garage door. Try our Garage Door Designer today.

  1. Insulation- How Well Do I Understand It?

Two ways in which insulation improves garage doors are listed below. As a first benefit, it increases the garage door's strength and durability. Those spaces will feel like tin cans without insulation. Insulation, however, makes it solid. This prevents the garage door from rusting and looking unattractive because of dents and creases.

Energy efficiency is another reason for insulating doors. By calculating the r-value of your home, you can determine how energy-efficient it is. In the building and construction industry, R-value is a rating system. The r-values of insulated garage doors range from 8 to 32. There is a 14-16 percent value to your home. When purchasing a garage door, it makes sense to aim for that value.

  1. What company should I hire to install a garage door?

Garage door manufacturers in the Youngstown area are not strictly regulated. In the fly-by-night business world, there are a lot of companies that are not adequately insured and never stand behind their work because they won't exist in six months. A good company to buy a new door from is one that:

  • Maintains the required insurance
  • Offers warranties on both parts and labor for your new garage door
  • Uniformed and highly trained technicians
  • Clean trucks with the name of the company clearly displayed (Fly-by-night businesses will not invest in uniforms or paint the logo on their trucks.)
  • It is essential that respect and professionalism are maintained at all times
  • Upon request, can provide references from previous clients

Investing time and effort in getting your business is our priority at Brand Garage Doors. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional service when you choose us.

We'd love to hear from you... Whenever you have questions, we are here to help.

Emergency Service

We have Emergency Garage Door Service Available.

Is it time to replace your old garage door? At Brand Garage Doors, Inc. we're ready to tackle your installation project with our trained professionals. We carry a wide variety of door systems for any residential or commercial application.

Commercial Garage Door Installation
Rely on Brand Garage Doors, Inc. to supply and install roll-up doors and glass sectionals quickly and professionally. We carry insulated and non-insulated steel doors in any size, thickness, and R-factor.

Residential Garage Door Installation
Increasing the perceived selling value of your home by 4% with the installation of a new garage door. Improve your homes value and aesthetics and increase security with a new door. We carry a range of manufacturers and model types at a variety of price points.

Door Opener Systems
You can't go wrong with an industry leading LiftMaster garage door opener for both residential and commercial garages. Get durable chain drive power capable of lifting heavy doors coupled with long term reliability.

What you get with our installation service:

 Professional Service

  Installation and Product Warranty

  Quality Doors

  Affordable Pricing