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Garage Door System Safety

There is no moving object in the home that is larger than a garage door. A garage door opener is usually used to operate these doors. To maintain safe and trouble-free operation, it is imperative that the system is installed, operated, maintained, and tested properly. When a garage door closes, improperly adjusted garage door openers can cause serious injury. Getting hit or trapped under a closed garage door could cause serious injuries or death.

Everyone has a stake in safety

You can prevent potential harm to your family and friends by following a few simple precautions. The following safety tips and maintenance advice are provided for your information. The owner's manual for your garage door opener should contain specific details about your model. Make sure both your electric garage door opener and garage door work properly.

The garage door opener is not a toy

  • Under moving doors, you should never stand or walk!
  • Children and adults should not play "beat the door". You can suffer serious injuries or even die as a result. Setting a good example is the responsibility of adults. When someone is pinned between a door and an emergency release, know how to use it.
  • Children should not play with or use remote controls or transmitters. Store them in a place where children cannot reach them.
  • Children should not be able to reach the push-button wall control (keep at least 5 feet away from the floor) and keep away from all moving parts. Make sure you position the button so you are able to clearly see the door moving.

Garage door safety is important to teach your children

The garage door opener is not a toy. It is dangerous to operate garage door openers carelessly or allow children to play with or use them. Talk to your children about garage door safety. Explain what it's like to be stuck beneath the door.

When using a remote controlling or push button, keep the door in view until it ceases to move. It is dangerous to play underneath garage doors or near them if they are open.

Make sure children keep their fingers and hands away from hinges, tracks, springs, and other parts of doors. It is possible to suffer serious injury from contact with moving hardware. Also, garage doors without automatic openers can cause these injuries.

Preventing tragedies through routine maintenance

Make sure your garage door system is inspected and tested. Regularly inspect and test your equipment on a monthly basis. Everyone has an interest in safety. You can make garage door safety automatic in your home.