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Torsion Springs vs Extension Springs

You need to know what kind of spring system you have before you can have it repaired or replaced. Spring systems can be divided into two groups: Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

Over the opening of the door, you'll find your torsion springs, which the springs are attached to with a bar. Typically, the extension spring systems are found alongside the door opening. An important factor to consider when choosing a garage door company is whether they offer the service you need. Torsion and extension springs can be easily repaired by Brand's professionally trained techs.

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Spring Repair Best Practices

There are always unexpected inconveniences in life, and they often occur at the worst possible time. If your garage door breaks down when you need your car the most, especially if it's been less than a month, a week, or even a few days since your last garage door repair, it can be very frustrating! To be able to make the best recommendation to homeowners, Brand follows the industry's best practices and leads by example every time.

Best Practice #1 - Replacing Both Springs

The lifespan for garage door springs is about to expire when one breaks. Most garage doors have two springs installed at the same time. Our general recommendation is to replace both springs to avoid future inconveniences, unsafe garage door practices, as well as damaging your garage door opener. You wouldn't replace your tires if one of them blew out as you drive your car after having the same set for a while? Garage doors and cars, among other equipment, must be maintained properly.

Best Practice #2 - Using The Right Springs

Because garage doors come in different sizes and weights, the right springs should be installed in order to ensure that the door is balanced properly. In addition to damaging your garage door system, a technician installing the wrong spring will make your garage door opener do more work than it was designed for. To prevent this from happening, technicians at Brand Garage only install springs that are appropriate for your door's weight and test to ensure the springs are balanced.

Best Practice #3 - Safety Inspection

We provide free safety inspections with every spring repair, ensuring all the hardware and moving parts on your door function properly and meet industry safety standards. Because the hardware along with the springs was probably installed together, there is a possibility that there are worn parts. If your door spring fails, then you might have a bigger problem with your door. To maintain a safe environment for our customers, free safety inspections are a Best Practice.

For garage doors, springs are rated in cycles, just like car tires. (A cycle is when you go up and down with your garage door.) We use a high-grade steel spring that can last for 25,000-50,000 cycles, which is much longer than the springs commonly used by our competition.


How Much Does Spring Repair Cost?

When we answer the phone, one of the most common questions we hear is, "How much does it cost to replace garage door springs?" A detailed quote would be provided once we have the total weight, size, and type of springs needed (extension or torsion). To account for the wide variety of garage door types, we carry over 30 different types of springs. Therefore, we recommend you have a trained technician take the precise measurements before giving you an exact quote.