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Choosing a Thermally Efficient Garage Door

In order to optimize your home for energy efficiency and sustainability, garage doors are essential. Keeping the temperature of your house stable is easier if your garage door is well insulated. In addition to reducing your energy waste and saving on electric and heating bills, your garage door can also reduce your carbon footprint.

Calculate the R-Value of your garage door

Due to the size of the garage door, it has a profound effect on the overall thermal efficiency of the home. An R-value is used by garage door manufacturers to measure the door’s ability to insulate. Insulating properties of a door increase with its R-value. You should choose a value above R-10 for a garage that has a connection to the home.

As you looking for a garage door that is energy-efficient, the U-value will also be mentioned, which is the exact opposite of the R-value. This value represents heat transfer from the building material. Lower numbers indicate better thermal performance. U-factors measure how much energy is lost and how much heat is lost after installation. Different finishes and colors play a role in the final measurement, as bright colors have a greater solar reflectance and therefore efficiency.

On our website and brochure, you will find the R-values of each of our garage doors, so you can always find the choice that matches your thermal needs. We are always available to help you figure out which R-value is appropriate for your needs.

Selecting the Right Material

The material plays a significant role in the overall energy efficiency of a garage door, in addition to its design and “curb appeal.”. Considering these options in terms of your thermal goals can help you save energy:

  • Steel – One of the most popular garage door materials is steel. Our insulated steel garage doors feature our sandwich construction of steel-polyurethane-steel and thermal breaks between sections. Steel garage doors alone offer little thermal protection. Due to its ability to reduce air infiltration, it is an ideal choice for homes located in cold or hot climates.
  • Wood is a natural material that adds beauty and character to a house. Our Steel Woodgrain garage doors offer the beauty of wood with the durability of steel. Wood by itself has little benefit in terms of thermal comfort. The R-value of the panels is up to 12.76, making them superior in terms of insulation.

Other Things to Consider

  • Air leakage: Even the most energy-efficient doors can’t protect you from air leaks resulting from gaps between the door and the wall. By hiring a professional installation company, you will prevent unnecessary energy loss by installing seals, weatherstrips and hardware that are properly sized and fitted.
  • Windows: An attractive garage door can let in beautiful sunlight, but it can also cause energy loss. Reduce heat flow by installing low-emissivity coatings and glazes on your windows.

Making your home more eco-friendly can be as simple as choosing a “green” garage door. Brand Garage Doors can assist with your decision.

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