Is a Damaged Garage Door Covered by Insurance?

Make sure you understand the coverage before signing on the dotted line when getting home insurance. Don’t forget to cover your garage door.

Due to our reputation as one of the best garage door repair companies in the industry, Brand Garage Doors is often called upon by home insurance companies to repair damaged garage doors. We also have an excellent reputation with most home insurance companies because of the kind of service we provide. Our company is usually the one your insurance company contacts to repair your damaged garage door. You can also request that they contact us if they don’t want to be serviced by anyone else.

How to determine if your garage door is covered in your insurance

Check your insurance policy first before filing a claim. Garage doors are generally covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. It is just a matter of checking what exactly the coverage is.

If you or someone in your family damaged the garage door, your insurance should cover it. When a third party is at fault, such as when your neighbor accidentally damages your garage, then the cost of repair or replacement will be covered by their auto insurance policy.

It is important to know that if your property is damaged, stolen, or vandalized, your homeowner insurance will  cover it.

Natural disasters are excluded from the coverage of your garage door insurance. You should also check whether your detached garage door is covered if it is attached to your house.

What to do when filing a claim

You may find that filing a claim is difficult or easy, depending on the kind of insurance that you have.

It is certain that you will have to submit documentation to support your claim. Documentation requirements may vary depending on the scenario.

For claims related to crimes such as vandalism or arson, a police report will usually be required. In the event that your garage door has been hit by an accident, this can also apply. You may be required to provide receipts for repairs made by your insurance company, or your insurance company may send an adjuster to assess the damage.

Here are some things to consider

It may be worth it to find out how to make your garage door more secure if your door has been damaged by a theft. Garage door openers, keyless entry systems and remotes from A1 Garage Door Service will keep your garage door in good working order.

You might want to consider fire retardant materials if the damage was caused by a fire.

In addition, if the garage door on your previous property is susceptible to dents, you may wish to consider other options.

Regardless of what door you choose, Brand Garage Doors has a variety of parts and materials that you may consider. Additionally, our team of professionals offers free advice. For more information, please call  (330) 240-6369



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