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Common Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repaired

Statistically, most homeowners are likely to enter and exit their garage a minimum of 1500 times a year. However, inspecting your overhead garage door and analyzing if it requires any repairs is the very last thing most homeowners do.

Some of the common mistakes are to put a temporary fix on a problem when a qualified professional repair is in order. Just like your homes require regular inspection and roofing repair, garage doors also require inspection and repairs whenever necessary.

Through regular inspections and repairs, you could dodge any possible problems that cause extreme consequences, similar to severe home injuries. Around 10,580 home injuries occur yearly because of garage doors, so it’s better to look for any potential issues before things escalate quickly.

Common Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

Slow response time

It’s essential to see the response time while the door while opening and closing. Ideally, it shouldn’t take but a few seconds to open or close the door when you press the opener button. Should you notice that your door takes any more time than that and causes a delay or faces any jerks while opening and closing, then you better inspect the door springs and the rest of the components thoroughly.

Also, lubricate the tracks, rollers, and hinges and see if it closes and opens smoothly without any interruption. But be sure to use professional door lubricant, NOT WD-40.

If you notice that the door has a slow response time, then you might require the assistance of a professional garage door repair company to carry out an in depth inspection to understand the fundamental cause of the problem and fix it.

Makes lots of noise

All automatic garage doors make noise while operating, however if the noise levels become excessive, it is evident that some of the areas of your door might require repairs. It’s vital to understand what type of sound the garage door makes while operating to acknowledge the issue better.

For instance, when the springs become worn and weak, you’ll start to hear sort of a groaning coming from the spring while it is opening and closing. Similarly, should you hear any popping sound as the garage door operates, it signifies that some sections are just out of whack are not running as smooth as they should. Common parts that will exhibit noises when worn out or damaged are torsion springs, hinges, drums, and cables. In every situation it’s best to replace the faulty parts. If you’ve got a two car garage with a heavy door, you’ll need to replace both springs at the same time. It’s not best practice to replace just one spring.

If the garage door won’t open or close

Obviously, if your garage door won’t open, you’ve got a problem. It can be a number of issues. One of the causes for which may be a bad connection between the control panel and the garage door. Could be a worn out drive belt or worn gears. The belt or chain drive track could be causing a problem as well.

The springs contained in the automatic garage doors may be a reason for this problem. Either way, make sure that the garage door is not being blocked by any objects and that nothing is blocking the safety sensors.


Sagging of garage doors is common. However, when it’s too much, the garage door might lose balance and face issues while opening and closing. The best way to avoid such a situation is to determine the balance of your respective garage door manually. In doing so, open the garage door manually and when you get halfway, let go. If the door doesn’t remain in the same position and tends to either rise or fall, it’s evident that the stress on the torsion spring(s) is faulty and will need to be repaired.

Another problem may be that a sagging door is a wide open invitation for pests and other unwanted guests, therefore it’s better to repair or replace the garage door if you understand that it is now saggy.

When the door comes off tracks

Your garage door must operate within the tracks placed upon either side of the house at all times. However, sometimes the garage door can slip a bit. When this happens, it’s a warning sign to replace or repair the primary garage door parts that cause the problem.

Any damage as well as the garage door or even the rollers could be a primary reason for the door to come out of alignment. Any misalignment can be cause for slipping off the track. Whatever the reason, automatic garage doors operating off the tracks can cause severe problems, so you have to keep an eye on it.


In case your door shows any one of the signs mentioned above, it’s better to repair quickly to avoid further compounding problems which will end up costing you more money in repairs or in a worst case scenario, full replacement. Brand Garage Doors replaces or repairs garage doors of any brand on the market today or older models as well.

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