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Warren Ohio

Trumbull County is not the most exciting place in Ohio, but it’s got a city with an interesting name. Warren was founded by and named after General Joseph Warren-a patriot who helped win independence for America during their Revolutionary War. If you’re ever passing through this quiet northeast corner of our state make sure to take some time exploring its history! If you’re looking for garage door repair in Warren, it’s readily available.

In 1798, Ephraim Quinby founded the town of Warren on a 441 acre lot he purchased from the Connecticut Land Company. When it was first formed as part of what is now known as Trumbull County in 1801, Moses Warren acted both for surveying and naming this new township after himself. In these days before cars were invented or even feasible to own due to their high prices (especially when you had no way to make money), walkers would have found themselves with plenty more time than they do today!

The town of Warren was established in 1846. It’s population at the time, 1,600 people that year and 20 stores to supply their needs for supplies like food or clothes. Three newspaper bureaus came about with support from a bank so residents could invest money safely and not have to travel miles away just for banking purposes. There were also three churches on-site, one woolen factory which produced fabric material (wool) into clothing items such as coats or dresses; two flour mills where wheat is turned it into product we use day-to-day like breads!

Warren has always been a thriving community. One of the more unique things about this Ohio town is that it was founded in 1806 by General Joseph Warren, who unfortunately died before he could see his dreams become reality. In recent years, many residents have worked as service and retail salespersons to support their families–and others are still working hard at steel production because there’s plenty coal nearby for fuel!

City Hall is in control of the Mayor-Council system. The current mayor, William “Doug” Franklin has been since November 2011 and his term expires on January 1st 2024. His Vice President James Graham also elected not to seek re-election for 2021.

The major employers in Warren include Trumbull Memorial Hospital, St. Joseph Warren Hospital, the Tribune Chronicle, Seven Seventeen Credit Union and Hillside Rehabilitation Hospitals among others like Thomas Steel Strip outside city limits or Ajax TOCCO which is just a little farther out of town for those who are looking to make their move into the area.


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