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Youngstown Ohio Points of Interest

Nestled in the eastern part of the state, Youngstown Ohio is a city that spans nearly 34 square miles of land. The weather is typical of most Midwestern areas, having a humid continental climate, with four distinct systems. The winters are cold and dry but the area sees a lot of winter weather, with the coldest month being January with a typical temperature of 25.8 degrees Fahrenheit, but dropping to at or below 0 on for 4 days, or staying below freezing for 43 days of the year. Springtime brings relief from the many storms that pass through, but also produces weather systems that typically bring heavier rainfall.

Summers are warm and humid, and a typical summer has temperatures going above 90 degrees at least 7 days a year on average, but the annual count in the area has been as high as 40 days in a year. Autumns are the most stable, with weather that is mostly dry, containing warm days and cool nights. The temperatures have not broken any records since the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, so the weather is pretty consistent. Youngstown Ohio has an estimated population of 65,062 people as of 2018, The population of the city made up of two primary demographics, the White population making it 47 percent and the African American population forming 45 percent of the city’s population. The remaining demographics are the Native American’s, Asians, and Pacific Islanders, but none of those groups make up even one percent each.

The city is also run by a mayor like many standard towns and cities across America, and the office is elected every 4 years and limited to two terms. The city typically votes Democratic, and the current mayor of the city is Mayor Jameal Tito Brown, who offices in City Hall on the first floor. If you’re interested in visiting the city hall, you can head to 26 South Phelps Street, Youngstown, OH 44503.  Residents of the city also elect an eight-member city council to represent the seven wards the city contains, as well as a council president.

This council meets every first and third Wednesday of the month, The city’s school district manages all public education within the city’s boundaries, and as of 2007 is have been working on a reconfiguration, consolidating schools and building new ones. The public schools used to have a mandated uniform, but the rule was revoked in 2016. The two primary High Schools, are Chaney and East High School, Chaney High School is located at 731 South Hazelwood Avenue and East High School is located at 474 Bennington Avenue. The high schools that have been closed to make room for these changes were Woodrow Wilson High School, Rayen High School, South High School, and North High School. The original building for East High School was closed and demolished with the new school being built on the same property. The city’s CEO for the Youngstown Ohio school district is Justin Jennings who offices at 20 W. Wood St.


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