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Places to Eat and other attractions in Youngstown Ohio

Youngstown Ohio got its start in 1796 when a New York man surveyed the area. That man was John Young and he was the namesake for the town. The past two centuries have seen some rapid expansion for people in the city. Urbanization has transformed the city and helped the people learn all about the new details. Youngstown Ohio has a broad appeal among those who want better services. The city is expanding their services for a lot of new people today. Youngstown Ohio has been working to expand their building selection. That allows people to make the project work for them too.

Youngstown Ohio

First, think about the best dining in the city today. Youngstown Ohio is famous for its incredible dining options for guests. Roberto’s is a great choice and can be found at 103 W Federal Street. The family style eatery is perfect for the whole group. A lot of nice entrees will bring in the crowds at the lively establishment. Knafa Restaurant is another great dining establishment, which can be found at 3129 Belmont Avenue. Locals have been praising the Mediterranean food from the restaurant for years now. There are plenty of good choices for anyone interested in the dining experience as well.

Powers Auditorium is arguably the cultural center of the city. It is a former movie palace for the Warner Brothers production company. Today, it is still being used for a lot of entertainment projects in Youngstown Ohio. The center relies on community support and will appreciate any patronage by people in the general area. The Youngstown Playhouse is another popular establishment that people will frequent. The Ohio Arts Council opted to provide support to the Youngstown Playhouse. The Oakland Center For The Arts will provide another destination for fans. Art lovers will be amazed by the sheer variety of what they will see in time.

Mill Creek Park is perfect for the nature lovers in the world. It features a five mile strip of land that has been preserved. Walking and bicycling have been a popular draw for locals of Youngstown Ohio. Mill Creek Park was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. Wick Park is a smaller venue, but has a lot going for it these days. It features some 20th century mansions that have been built by wealthy people. That adds to the fun of touring the scenic area. Youngstown Ohio puts a lot of effort in to preserving the natural area around the city.

Education has always been a preeminent goal for Youngstown Ohio. Notably, Youngstown State University can be found in the city. That is a national university and often will be highly ranked among the leaders. The YSU campus joined the Ohio system of higher education in the year 1967. Since then it has achieved a lot of the goals it put forth for the students. The neighboring buildings feature Tudor and Victorian architecture for people to see. That adds to the local culture of Youngstown Ohio.


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