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Regular Garage Door Maintenance: DIY vs Professional

Garage doors are one of the hardest-working components of your house. You count on your garage door day in and day out to open as well as close on a regular basis and especially when you need it most. It's really not surprising at all that these doors need some tender loving care to continue working well all the time.

To be totally sure your garage door keeps working in tip top form day after day, you must have it properly serviced yearly. Furthermore, make sure to perform your own monthly checks of the door to ensure it is functioning properly. Discover more about how our garage door technicians will inspect your door each year as well as how to execute your own regular monthly maintenance.

Do I really need to service my garage door monthly?

Servicing your garage door is integral to extending its life. When you obtain annual service for your garage door, it's a lot like going to get a physical at the doctors office.

Service makes certain a little issue does not turn into a large costly one. At your service visit, our garage door technician might recognize a spring that's about to break and replace it. You won't be caught off guard by a damaged garage door spring as well as have to wait around up until somebody can come to repair your door. And also, it can save you money considering that it will not require a high cost emergency solution.

Here's How Professionals Perform Maintenance on a Garage Door

A garage door is the largest moving door in your house. It is incredibly dangerous to do some service and repairs, which is why it is best left to an expert service technician. When we come to check your garage door, we have a checklist of items to go over. We start by oiling squeaky tracks and examining the total health and wellness of the garage door system.

After that we will do the following:

  • Springs: Analyze torsion springs to ensure they have the appropriate degree of torque.
  • Cables: Check the cables for signs of fraying and also replace anything that looks worn.
  • Rollers: Try to find signs of flexing or damage.
  • Door areas and panels: Search for indications of disrepair, which can affect the garage door opener.
  • Garage door opener: Use for opening up as well as shutting numerous times to make certain the door is balanced.

Some Tips for DIY Care and Maintenance

In addition to having your garage door skillfully examined each year, you can likewise care for your system on your own by complying with these basic upkeep suggestions:

  1. Check the feature of the sensor "eyes:" The garage door eyes informs your opener when it's OKAY to open up or shut the door. Press the garage door opener button to close the door, and put a broom in front of one of the eyes. When the door stops and reverses course you'll know the sensors are working correctly.
  2. Clean out debris: Keep the garage floors and door tracks tidy as well as totally free of debris.

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